The life with the olives


Orašac is a village situated 12 km away from the City of Dubrovnik, between the neighbouring villages of Trsteno and Zaton. The position above the main road gives Orašac a wonderful view all the way to the City, and to the other side across the Elaphites to the peninsula of Pelješac. As in many other places in this area, the olives and olive groves are part of the history. Some time ago people made their living by growing olives. The olives are becoming more and more important in modern times as well, when finally the local, clean and authentic is being highly valued once again.

In the same way, this peaceful village is above all local and charming, so the guests who visit feel comfortable and welcome. One of the best places to know Orašac and the history of this area in general is the estate of Dubelj family and their mill.

The mill and social life as it used to be

In the winter days, when the nights used to be long, the mill was a center of social life of the whole village. The women never worked in the mill, but their duty was to harvest the olives and prepare the lunch for the workers. Every family would bring a bottle or two of their wine that would be left at the entrance to the mill. The local people loved to make a toast and always used to gather to see how successful was the milling of each harvest. They would stay together to have a glass or two of wine. So, here is where the majority of the total social life used to take place.

Hard life

Since the way how olive oil was produced before was very hard, it was logical that many people chose other types of work to earn their living. Today in Orašac we have a modern mill that processes 1000 kg of olives within an hour. All this without any hard work. The old mill used to process 200 kg in two hours with help of three men, hard work and one horse. This is why today the mill serves only as a showroom and a souvenir of the times past by. Those times are a memory for all of us of the hard life, but also a proud reminder of our origins based on big efforts and constant fight for better life.

Olive oil is "liquid gold".



When coming to Orašac, you will see our sign “Agrotourism Dubelj” just few meters after the little square, our village center, to the left.