This is how the golden story gold goes..


The benefits of olive oil have been known to people for centuries. However, the olive oil has gone through a major popularization just recently, since its positive impact to the wellbeing and health of people has been proven scientifically through much research. This goes all the way from nutrition and skin care to many other uses.


The olive groves of Dubrovnik Primorje


The fact that we live in Mediterranean climate makes our region very suitable for growing olive trees. The best year for the crop is the one where a little bit harcher winter destroys all the bugs and parasites. Of old sorts of olive trees, here are most present oblica, and little bit less sorts of bjelica, sitnica, orbula and lastovka.

The olives are harvested in October, November and December, mainly by hand and with minor help of machines. The oil used to be kept and stored in stone containers (big dishes) while it was transported first in amphoras, then in metal bottles, later in glass and finally in plastic.

The olive oil was used in history as well as today both for nutrition as well as healing. The lower quality oil was used to make homemade soap. The rest was given to pigs or left outside for three used to then later be used as compost for vegetables. Olive tree leaf was used to feed the animals, while the wood was used for fire. The tree altogether as well as its leftovers all had its roles.


What is vergin “verđin” oil?

In the evening the last portion of crop would be milled, and then put under the press. No pressure would be put, but was left just in place until morning. The oil that went out during the night, naturally, without any pressure would be collected in the morning. In total it would come up to maybe 3 or 4 liters. It was called vergin “verđin” oil and it was used as a medicine, for ear infections, massages and other beneficial uses. This oil is also called night oil in Dalmatia (noćnjak) since it came out during the night.
To se zvalo verđinovo ulje i služilo je isključivo za lijek, bolesti uha, masaže i ostalo. U Dalmaciji ga još zovu i noćnjak što znači da je iscurilo tokom noći.

„If you have fallen in love with the olives, then now you are a fully grown man.”



When visiting our mill, you will have a chance to taste local Orašac olive oil.