A glimpse into Dubrovnik countryside history


The traditional way of processing the rich olive fruit to the golden colored oil has deep roots the tradition and history of Dubrovnik countryside. One of the places that bring the old way of living with and for the olives to life is an olive oil mill in Orašac. Dubelj family runs the mill today, holds presentations on its functioning and hosts prearranged groups and random visitors in their home.

When visiting our mill, and entering through its door, the only one open to public in the whole region, it is impossible not to go back to the past times. And the past is best described through storytelling.


Our mill’s story goes like this:


“This mill was constructed by Lujak family 260 years ago. This was time of Dubrovnik Republic and people mostly made their living out of olive oil production and wine making.

The olive trees were planted around this area long time ago. The mill was made of “two-faced” stone, and as a result the wall thickness was around 70 cm. The mill consists of big millstones, the press, ancient stone oil containers, the furnace and the well. Further down, behind the millstones there are several compartments called “hambars” where the people from the village would store their harvest before the milling process. It would always start with the horse would dragging the millstones. Dubelj family bought the mill in 1995 and opened it to visitors in 2003.

Orašac is a village located nicely 12 km away from Dubrovnik and it is a known area of olive groves.

There used to be seventeen similar mills in the prime time of olive oil production in Orašac. However, with time only our survived.

Twenty-four families used to bring their harvest to this mill. There were always three workers during the process and two horses. The villagers who brought their olives needed to cover the costs of the horse, the mill and the workers.”

The olive tree is surely the richest gift of Heaven. I can scarcely expect bread.

Thomas Jefferson


The presentation is being done in collaboration with our beloved horse Perla. The visitors get to know all about the olive oil production process and history of Dubrovnik countryside.